Saturday, 10 May 2008

Photo Psychic (Pick Me Up)


Jealous Cat

Q. We got our cat, Shola, from the local RSPCA over a year ago. She growls whenever I go near her, but she's all over my partner, even though it is me who feeds her and changes her litter tray. My old cat, Fluffy, died last summer, aged 14. Does Shola still sense her?
Keith, 30, Oldham, Greater Manchester

A. Yes, Shola senses Fluffy's ghost and it's making her feel insecure. Cats are very territorial, even in spirit, and it's Fluffy's attitude that's making Shola wary. Have a quiet word with Fluffy and tell her having Shola there doesn't mean you love her any less. I've tried to tell her myself, but she just sits with her back to me, tail twitching, so she needs to hear it from you. Then Shola will settle.

(could be translated to "Your old cat was a bitch and you are a gay with bad pet naming skills. Deal with it yourself you big, dumb, homo.")

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