Sunday, 26 July 2009

long time no see


long nose.
time see.

Don't worry though because I am back from the shops now.
What did I buy?
I bought some extra thyme.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Do you give your cups names?

From left to right; Picasso, Anne of Green Gables, Nelson (Photograph by Slave Cup from Artist's own collection)
Unavailable for photograph; Naked Cup and Scar Spoon.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

New Home Greeting Card

Dead Bees
Smell of beef and cheese
All the things that greeted me as I walked through the door.

Birthday Gift List

For my birthday I got
a haircut and some
shampoo and
money and a
dvd some
chalk a
make your own candy jewellery set a
coat a
candle and a
pen a
makeup bag and also a

A jumper from France

Ali is wearing a french jumper.
That is to say a jumper from france.
That is to say the jumper speaks French
but only to some people. Not to you, just to me.

Bonjour le jumper.
Bonjour mademoiselle.
Ca va bien?


I'll stay here- don't worry.
What is there to worry about?
I'll look after your bag.
No one will steal anything.
I won't let them.

No one will kill you. Though I wouldn't mind if they did.


I drew a picture of my friend,
his face was pencil drawn,
his skin rubbed out and then rubbed in.
I drew a picture of my friend.
It looked nothing like him.